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See the big text that just appeared on top? This highest spot lies the most important part of this resume: Your Name. Just click on it and replace with your real name.

After your name, please enter your Location, Phone Number, and Email Address. The location can be just a city or region, no need for a full address like it used to be in the past.

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Title is your current title in the industry or field. Additionally, it could be your goal position in the near future. Some examples are:

  • Game Developer
  • Professional Realtor
  • Business Development Speaker

Then enter a Description to explain and accentuate this title. Examples:

  • 5 years of experience making mobile games and designing gaming artwork.
  • Professional realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, specializing in residential housing and investment.
  • Traveling speaker that has delivered business addresses at over 50 colleges and companies.

Experience is where you present your professional experience related to the job you're targeting. Many people agree that this contributes the biggest factor on how much you will impress employers and whether they will hire you.

It goes in the reverse chronological order, with the latest position on top.

So, enter your most recent job for the first position. The right element From - To are the beginning time and ending time of your job. If you're currently working here, type Present for To. Also, you don't need to specify date or month as year is enough nowadays. For Location, a city and state are sufficient.

Next is a description about the organization, where you make a brief introduction about it, such as industry, products, market position, and other highlights. This is a new trend that is favored by job recruiters and employers.

Then give Description for this job. This includes your main responsibilities and highlights achieved during your position. A good description should have 3-5 lines, use present tense for current job and paste tense for past jobs, and omit subject and most prepositions for brevity. Examples:

  • Discuss, analyze, and create design sketches for mobile games, then develop according to agreed-upon plans.
  • Work with team to make the best possible games, ensuring to run on most platforms and guaranteeing acceptable initial success.
  • Receive feedback from within and outside the company to debug, add features, and improve games.
  • In 2015, received the excellence award and recognition for fixing most bugs in post-release period for a game.

At any time, press Enter to add a new line right under. To delete a line, empty all the text and press Back Space or Delete (just like in Microsoft Word).

Experience, All Jobs

Good job on your first position! Now please enter the others if applicable, one by one, from latest to oldest.

The tips for having the best writing on this experience section are:

  • Jobs are in reverse chronological order, latest first, oldest last.
  • Be succinct. Avoid unnecessary, unimportant details.
  • Use active, action verbs as much as possible to denote a strong sense of the job.
  • Tell some of your accomplishments during the jobs. They impress employers.

This is the Education section. It tells the readers about your education and training credentials.

It's also in the reverse chronological order. Your current school or the school that you graduated from is stated first.

Use the template to enter your information.

You can provide additional highlights regarding your school, degree, academic program, and extracurricular activities.

You're recommended to tell your GPA only if it's above 3.0. Otherwise, ignore it.


Next is the Skills section. It lists all the skills and abilities you possess relating to your career.

Some tips:

  • List the most important and relevant skills on top.
  • Almost always talk about your computer skills nowadays. They're the bread-and-butter skillset in most jobs of modern time. One notable skill is the Office Application that you likely studied and now possess.
  • Also list all other software and tools that you can professionally use to carry out your job.
  • Include one or two soft skills if the resume is not too long now. Communications, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities are some good examples. If the resume is already quite long, omit these because technical and professional skills are the important ones and fully sufficient.

That's it. Now's the time for you to have an overall review of your resume.

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